Creating A Positive Move

Creating A Positive Move

3 Things To Know About Moving A Piano

Whether it's a family heirloom or something you purchased recently, a piano can offer hours of fun and entertainment. However, while pianos can bring a lot of joy, they are often tough to move. The larger your piano, the harder it is to get from one spot to another. This is why you should consider hiring piano movers, even if you're just trying to move your piano from

Three Top Tips For Storing Your Fabric Sofa In A Long-Term Storage Facility

When using a long-term storage facility to keep your furniture safe and sound, the goal is for your belongings to come out of the facility looking as good as they did when they went in. One of the largest pieces of furniture that most people own is their sofa set, and fabric sofas can become damaged whilst in storage. By using these three top tips, you can ensure that

Full Service Movers: Are They Worth It For Your Move?

You are moving and you want to do the move in the best way for you and your family. You want to remain organized, save money, and do what you can to really get the most out of your moving experience. Even a local move can prove to be stressful, which is something you really don't want. You want to have peace in your home and make your move as organized and fun for eve

The Pre-Moving-Day Declutter: 5 Tips For Success

Moving and decluttering seem to go hand in hand. Getting rid of items before you move reduces your moving costs and ensures that your new residence ends up a lot less clutter-filled than your current one. However, saying you'll declutter and actually doing it are two very different things. Here are a few tips to follow to made your pre-moving-day decluttering efforts

Want To Minimize Risk In A Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Protect Your Items

When you bring items into your home, you want to feel confident about your home's security to make sure that your belongings do not get stolen or damaged. If you intend on renting a storage unit, you may want to protect your possessions in the same way. But, since you will not be able to invest in security improvements, you need to find a storage company with top-notc